Saturday, August 10, 2013

Lazy Saturday

Planned to go to Wimbly Lu for lunch/tea break but it was very crowded. So we decided to go to another place for lunch first since we were hungry. Along the same shop houses, there's this cafe called "rokeby", actually it doesn't look so much like a normal cafe, but it's not a restaurant either.

This Wagyu beef burger was not bad. The beef was soft.

Typical Fish & Chips, but it tasted good, it wasn't that oily, i like XD

After our lunch we decided to go back to Wimbly Lu again. We waited for a while before we got seated down. Not sure if it's always crowded or what, but it's better not to go there in a big group, it's hard to find a seat, i mean the waiting time might be long. 

i think they have quite a variety of food. They have breakfast, all-day dining, desserts, homemade ice-cream, alcohol and drinks. Most of the desserts are chocolate related, if you love chocolate, i think this is the place for you :)

This cake has a cute name, Black Bottom Cake !

i didn't take many photos becoz i brought the wrong lens, i couldn't show you how the cafe looks like, sorry ! Personally i think it's quite cozy and relaxing.

Friday, July 19, 2013

L'etoile Cafe

Went to L'etoile cafe last weekend. L'etoile is inspired by the indie cafes in Japan, it is a lifestyle shop cum cafe with Japanese-French influences.

It was my first time there but i think the food was not bad !

Hubby ordered this. The name is Chicken a la Gordon Bleu, if i'm not wrong.

i ordered this, Pan Seared Dory. It was nice, i'm not sure was it becoz that i like dory? i like this kind of western food anyway XD

i didn't take any photos of the cafe. Check out their Facebook page if you are curious :)

No photos of the cafe but i took photos of Ren and my new girl XD

Love my new girl to the max! i'm so glad that i decided to get her becoz now i know that i didn't make the wrong choice XD

Not sure if you believe or not, i even took a nap in the cafe! Well, i didn't purposely 'plan' to sleep there but i was too tired ( since it was after work ) and suddenly i just dozed off, lol. i like cafes because these places are for you to slack and relax, i don't think the staff would chase you away if you sit there the whole day or even take a nap, lol. 

Sunday, July 14, 2013

G-Dragon One Of A Kind World Tour Singapore 2013

Went to GD's concert last month. He is not my bias but it was still good to see him! Why do people adore him so much? He is more than a pretty face, he is the leader of Big Bang, he is super talented, he sings, he raps, he dances, he writes songs and he is the fashion icon, he is really one of a kind~! 

i kind of regretted not getting the nearer seat, lol. Atmosphere would be better if we were nearer to the stage. 

He first appeared on the stage with this outfit. He sang 'Michigo' and 'Heartbreaker', if i remembered correctly.

i was really 'busy' that night, i had to take photos and at the same time i had to watch out for those security staff because they said no photography allowed. i received a few warnings throughout the concert, but i still continued taking the photos, lol.

i like his tight pants, haha... and his belt. Can't see the details of the belt here but i saw it that night on the big screen XD

GD really tried his best to perform that night, you know it when you looked at his expressions.

This has got to be one of my fav photo. He was smiling! So handsome, right? Hehe... i couldn't think so much or wait for any nice poses when i took the photos, i just had to snap when i had the chance, so it was good that i captured this :)

The special guest was 2NE1. Although i was a bit disappointed that it wasn't one of the Big Bang member, i was still glad that it was 2NE1 since they are my fav girl group. i was totally mesmerized by CL that night, she looked so pretty. i like Dara's style, i would definitely want to dress like her :P

Back to GD. That mic stand is so damn swag!

During the encore he sang 'Fantastic Baby' and my fav 'Bad Boy'. Loved it to the max though the other Big Bang members weren't there. When he was 'leaving' the stage, i thought the encore was really over, he looked like he was really going in but he didn't! Was so glad that he performed 'Michigo' again. But i had the feeling of 'cannot-bear-to-see-him-go' when he was really leaving.

While i was suffering from post concert withdrawal syndrome, i got to know that Big Bang will be performing during Singapore F1 on the 20th of September! So i'm recovered, lol! i already bought the ticket, i'm so excited ~!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Cherry Blossom, Yeouido Park, Seoul 2013


Taken this video with my iPhone. It would be really romantic to walk along the path with your loved ones XD

Cherry Blossom

We planned to see the cherry blossom in Seoul but we were not sure when was the best timing to go. Usually the more 'accurate' forecast would be out nearer to the actual date. So, for traveler, it's quite hard to predict especially we need to book for air ticket early. 

Luckily, we were able to see :)

This was taken at Yeouido Park. i was there on the first day i reached Seoul. Actually i didn't know how to see if it was full bloom. If you compare the trees on the right and left side of the road, you can see their difference. We went back to the same place again few days later and the cherry blossom on the right side was all withered, but left side ones seemed to be in their full bloom. Was really glad that we went back again XD

They are really beautiful in real life. We won't have the chance to see them at where we live, but the local people there can see them once every year, they still LOVE these cherry blossom very much XD

Friday, May 10, 2013

Yongin Everland, South Korea

Went to Seoul last month, main purpose was to see cherry blossoms. One of my friend was really cute, i told her that i saw cherry blossoms in Seoul, she was like, "i thought only Japan has cherry blossoms", then i said, "no la, some other countries besides korea and Japan also have!" XD

The weather was quite cold on the day we went to Yongin Everland. It was about 9 degrees. Wanted to take more photos but i think my hands were too cold, didn't want to expose my hands :P

It was the tulip festival so we could see tulips everywhere. It was beautiful~!

Pullip with tulips! Luckily not many people were staring at me when i was taking pics of my doll, haha :)

Hmm... i took really little photos there... i should say that i took very little photos during my trip this time. My camera battery was still full when i came back to S'pore and i didn't charge it at all during my trip, lol. You can imagine how 'often' i used my camera, haha. But i did take photos and upload to my instagram, not as much as previous trip, coz i worried some ppl might complain that i spam their instagram, lol XD

i love Pororo, he's so cute! His friends are cute too, i dunno their names though. i should start watching their cartoons :P

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Lotte World

Time flies, i didn't finish my blog posts about my Seoul trip ( Nov 2012 ) and i went to Seoul again last month XD

i went to Lotte World theme park during autumn last year. The scenery was really great, i got a shock seriously, maybe it was my first time to see it.

i think mostly are scary rides there, indoor and outdoor, maybe i'm too timid, so everything looked scary to me, lol.

My photos are not able to show how beautiful the place was, unfortunately. You have to go there and see it with your own eyes :P

There's a park outside Lotte World, Songpa Naru Park. i really like this place because of all the red trees! i just saw some pics of this place during spring, there were cherry blossoms too! i didn't know there were cherry blossoms at this place, if i knew, i would definitely go there during my trip last month.